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Welcome to Your New Career

The Global family of companies and its associated companies is expanding quickly, and we’re looking for motivated and self-driven individuals like you to come on board with us!

Global is a group of dynamic and integrated financial services firms focused on serving the needs of Canadian individuals, families, and corporations. We offer clients a full array of financial solutions to meet their needs including education savings plans, life and disability insurance, and investments in mutual funds, securities, bonds and other financial services.

Our core values of trust, empowerment, diversity, respect, excellence, achievement and entrepreneurship focuses on allowing our Dealing Representatives and advisors to reach their full potential. We believe our greatest assets are our people and we want to build a strong team that will display and embody all these values- does that include you?

5 Reasons to join

  • Exceptional Earning Potential

  • At Global you are in control of your own success and we encourage our Dealing Representatives and advisors to aim for greatness and aspire to reach their full potential.

  • Professional Development and Mentoring

  • You will be supported by a team of knowledgeable and experienced financial services professionals who will guide and support you as you start your career journey.

  • Flexibility

  • Global Dealing Representatives have the ability to manage and direct their own schedule, leaving time for work-life balance.

  • Choose your Career Path

  • You have the freedom to choose your career path that is best suited to your professional development and lifestyle.

  • Exclusive Reward

  • The world is your playground, and members of the Global team have the opportunity to earn exclusive prizes such as international travel and more!

New to Canada

At Global, we believe that the diversity of our team holds the key to our success. In fact, it is one of the core values that forms the backbone and identity of Global. Our team comes from a diverse variety of backgrounds and cultures with one thing in common – a strong desire to help others and to build a successful career in the financial services industry. If you are a determined people person, apply your skills and build a career for yourself while connecting with friends and families in your local community. You came to Canada to build a better life, and this is your opportunity to take control. Are you our next success story?

Careers For Women

At Global, some of our most successful individuals are women just like you. That’s because we believe that our Dealing Representatives will flourish with the freedom to choose the career path that is best suited to their professional development and lifestyle. You will gain the opportunity to meet with families and provide them with the financial advice they need to ensure a promising future, while having the option to represent multiple products within our portfolio of offerings. Global will also provide you with ongoing support and mentorship along the way, offering the best financial solutions for your clients while allowing you to grow your practice. Are you our next success story?

Experienced Advisors

Global is the perfect place for seasoned financial services professionals like yourself to thrive. Not only will you bring your wealth of experience into your new career, but you will be provided with an integrated career path where you are free to choose the products and services you wish to offer to your clients. Our range of offerings include: RESPs, insurance, mutual funds, investments and securities, which allows you to specialize or diversify by representing multiple products. Our uniqueness lies in this selection, giving you the opportunity to expand your professional knowledge and personal development. Are you our next success story?

New Graduates

Are you a self-motivated individual who is determined to succeed? Join our team today, and discover the career that awaits you. As a Global Dealing Representative, you will have the freedom to choose the career path that is best suited to their professional development and lifestyle. With unlimited earning potential right at your fingertips, you have the option to build an individual practice, an agency office or to take the corporate path and become a corporate branch manager, a sales director, and even a vice president. The Global opportunity is one that can jumpstart your career with the knowledge and skills that you can build on and grow with for many years to come. Are you our next success story?

Corporate Careers

The Global family of companies is always looking for fresh and talented individuals to join our winning corporate office team. We offer a competitive salary and employee benefits package, and a corporate culture that seeks to foster your personal career growth, whether your talent is in customer service, marketing, talent acquisition, or IT.

to find jobs that suit your specific career interests.



Mohinder was a physician in his home country and was making a decent living for his family, but they made the decision to immigrate in hopes of a better life for their kids. Mohinder’s certifications were not valid in Canada and he needed to go back to medical school in order to gain a Canadian medical license.

He and his wife Priya had spent the majority of their savings for the move, so they joined Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) as a team in order to save up quickly. With GRESP, they were able to support each other’s business while making time for parenting. In the beginning, Priya had not intended to stay with Global once they had enough saved for Mohinder’s medical school. But she loved helping the peers in her community save up for their children’s future education and she enjoyed the flexibility her career provided.


Marjana had been working as an associate lawyer at a prestigious law firm for the majority of her career, hoping to make partner. Having recently come off of maternity leave after the birth of her first child, Marjana found that she was having difficulty juggling her responsibilities at the firm with the time she wanted to spend with her baby.

A friend and fellow mother told Marjana about Global RESP Corporation, where she would have the flexibility to set her own schedule and determine her own income. Marjana has been with Global RESP Corporation for 5 years now, and is now the manager of her own branch. She loves giving knowledgeable financial advice to Canadian families.


Damon had been an independent financial services advisor for over 10 years. He ran his business from a home office with several other advisors on his team, and offered clients an array of financial solutions such as mortgages, tax-free savings accounts, financial planning and RRSPs. Damon added the Global Educational Trust Plan (GETP) to his product offering when he found that the GETP was one of the most flexible plans on the market available to Canadian families.

During his time as an independent Dealing Representative with Global, Damon became very well-acquainted with Global Maxfin Investments Inc (GMII), and started to offer mutual funds soon thereafter. Now, his clients in the local community come to him as their all-in-one financial services expert!


Ryan was never really sure about what he wanted to do for his career. After his university graduation, he spent six months backpacking through Europe and returned home to a quite sizable debt. Ryan wanted to pay off his debts but he wasn’t going to accomplish that goal easily working full-time on minimum wage.

A friend recommended that he become a Corporate Dealing Representative with Global RESP Corporation (GRESP) and it was the perfect fit for Ryan who wasn’t looking to go home at 5pm every day. Ryan loves the ongoing support and mentorship that he gets from his Branch Manager, and he gets along really well with the rest of the team, too!
Ryan is now debt-free and is saving to buy a condo for him and his dog, Rufus

Build a Successful Career for Yourself!

The Global family of companies is where you can build and grow a career that you can be proud of. We are a company that values people with diverse experience, international cultural background, various industry knowledge and most of all, the desire to achieve success with dedication and ambition. Be part of the Global team and let us help you build a rewarding and successful career for yourself.